Seattle Gutter Gallery

Trained LeafGuard Installers prepare job site by setting work perimeter with safety cones around truck.

Trained LeafGuard Installers check all measurements using plans approved by homeowner to ensure accuracy before fabricating gutters. “Measure Twice ­ Cut Once”

Trained LeafGuard Installers fabricate specialty cuts on ­site to ensure perfect fit of corners and roofline angles.

Trained LeafGuard Installers work as a team to install one­ piece seamless clog-­free LeafGuard gutters fabricated on­ site to fit. Each gutter is secured every 2 feet to the roof tail end and/or facia board using screws supporting internal patented design ABS plastic supports.

Homeowners with underground drainage often choose to have a LeafGuard drain guard installed to ensure any debris flushing through the clog­-free LeafGuard system is captured before clogging up the drains beneath driveways and yards.

18 year veteran trained LeafGuard installer Craig Porria visually inspects the work with an experienced eye.

Production Manager, Dana Preston confers with homeowner about the strength of the LeafGuard gutter system being installed on his home.

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